Welcome To The Old School Diner

Welcome to the Old School Diner.                                              Located in Coastal North McIntosh County Georgia.                                               Featuring Daily Fresh Seafood and More! 912-832-2136

Chef Jerome and Family Welcome you to The Old School Diner

“Trust your Chef” Ben A.


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Belinda W. says…….

So, had somewhat of a road trip today and went to Old School Diner for my first time. I was a little thrown back when we pulled into a carpeted driveway and as we're walking up, license plates are posted all over the place. As we walk in, there are literally thousands of pictures on the walls. He has a room dedicated to Ben Affleck. We sit at our table and out walks this very personable black gentleman with a chefs hat on and introduceshimself as Chef Jerome as he's giving me a hug. We then order one of the "wheelchair platters" and we ask the waiter what exactly comes on it. He says "I don't know; it's whatever Chef decides. Just trust the Chef." Little bit later, out comes Chef with our platter. On this platter, is fried shrimp, fried oysters, fried fish, and bbq ribs to absolutely die for; along with french fries and cole slaw as our sides. They also serve you these amazing hush puppies that are so good!! Needless to say, we took home a to go box. Best food I've ever had and can't wait to go back!!! If you want to go somewhere that's definitely different with some of the best food you've ever had, you have got to go and try Old School Diner and meet Chef Jerome!!!

Dear Chef Jerome,

My husband, daughter, and I thoroughly enjoyed eating at your diner last night.  We can't thank you enough for inviting us in, and making us feel right at home. Thank you for making it a most memorable time.  We loved the food, I just can't put it in words of how great it was.  We wish you the best, and hope to be back very soon.  Thank you again!  Happy Thanksgiving, and Merry Christmas!

Renee Zittrauer & Family Nov 17, 2016

We love to hear from our Family!

Love you Chef Jerome! 

Frances & Ed Johns

Frances Johns Mother Day 2016

Grandson Tyler Tupper, daughter Mercedes, Chef, Son in law Jeff , Frances


Call us anytime for a party of 12+ or more and we will open up or stay open later.

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Chef Jerome and Family of the Old School Diner say  “This is where everyone is family!"

We welcome you to the Old School Diner, famous  for the "Wheel Chair Platter!"


SavannahNow Visits the Old School Diner  Thanks Jane.

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"Some of the Best Fried Seafood in the South" by Chef Jerome! 

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December 24, 2015

M.Hill Family Dec 24th 2015

Jerome's hospitality, infectious smile is pale in comparison to the mind blowing portions, tantalizing flavor and service. If you are ever in the area don't sleep on this one. Program your GPS and head on over to Ole School Diner. You won't regret it. ~M. Hill~


Khiry Cooper2.jpeg

One Happy Family!

Christopher Hicks

Old School Diner

May 3 ·

I came by last week Chef Jerome...i had the "wheel chair for one" and loved it... I'm glad i "TRUSTED MY CHEF"! I needed this lil' breath of fresh air for I too have a restaurant in Hinesville, Ga, Chris's Curbside Grill. It was refreshing sitting back and watching you with your guests/FAMILY and seeing the smiles of appreciation and joy with every bite they took...you reminded me of why I love doing what I do buddy. Thank you for your gracious hospitality and welcoming me into your kitchen and home. Please come by my place when in Hinesville chef! To my folks,family and guests check him out...one of the only places Ben Affleck eats at here along with several celebs as well as being in over 40 magazines since 2004!!!


Wendy Wise

June 7


Just got finished eating there for the first time. Chef Jerone is amazing!


Amy Clark Carter

June 7 at 5:18pm · Pooler, GA · 

My husband is now famous. He finished 20 fried shrimp in less than 5 minutes. Food was amazing!

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Here we are after a great meal: Lawanda Epps, Chef, CSM Richard Epps and Mom Martha Wall!  



The food was delicious and the unique atmosphere is one of a kind.  We now know what the wheelchair by the front door is for!  Thanks for the great food, the best shrimp I've had in 31 years of military travel!  We tell everyone headed to Georgia to stop by!  Hope to see you soon.

CSM Richard Epps (US Army)

OSD June 22-14 .jpg

Researched this place and stopped on our way back from Daytona. BEST SEAFOOD EVER!!!!! Everything l expected and more!! Chef Gerome was fabulous with such a great personality.....we will bring friends and family when they visit Savannah.  Thank you Chef for a great 1 year anniversary experience!! We will b back😃
Jim and Paige Toteno from Daytona Beach

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The infamous Wheelchair

"Trust Your Chef"

"Well worth the drive from anywhere!"

This is where "Everybody is Family"


We will open anytime for a party of 12+! CALL US!

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We are NOT  located in Townsend, GA But that's were our mail goes!

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From our comments and Facebook page….

From Our Fans…

Dear Chef Jerome, I have say my family was more than pleased with the meal we indulged last Saturday night. Everything was great. Also, everyone was thrilled with Maxine and your dept. store. The strawberry pie was consumed in one setting on Sunday. We will definatly recommend the Old School Diner and we will see you on our next trip to GA. 

Ps. Do you still have hot water? Charlie

When we pulled up to the restaurant, I was like "oh heck no"! Make sure you view the pictures on-line before going. After you view them, multiply the craziness by 100. But don't be fooled by the outside, go inside for the best food and experience of your life! Chef Jerome and his staff makes you feel like family. This is a must see and a must do! Don't ride past exit 67 off I-95, without stopping by. If this place was in Savannah, it would be on the list of the top 5 tourist attractions.

From Trip Advisor June 22 

March 21

I have to share our dining experience tonight. My son asked if he could take us to dinner tonight. Of course we said yes. A few years back we tried to find Old School Diner in Harris Neck and only got lost in the woods. We had reservations for 7pm. We finally got out of Bwk at 6:30 and it was a 45 min drive. We ran 90 to get there on time. We drove down long roads and finally got to our destination, and as we pulled up my son said mom, turn around and let's get out of here quick I'm freaking out..LOL..We parked and got out walking over lot's of carpet as there drive and walkway, wondering what in the world they had carpet outside for. We entered the building and was in a room with no one there. A few seconds later a sweet lady named Mary asked if we had reservations and we told her that we did and she turned around and asked us to follow her. We walked down long dark hallways and then entered the main dining room. Full of well dressed people. Not what we were expecting to see from the looks of the outside. We sat down and Mary quickly asked what we would like to drink. We gave her our drink order and before we could get comfy our drinks were served" Sweet Tea". My son decided to have gator tail for an appitizer. Good choice. I have eaten my share of gator tail being my grandfather owned an alligator farm. The chef knows how to fry up some gator. My hubby ordered a ribeye with fries. My son and I ordered the "Wheelchair platter". Wondering why they call it a wheelchair platter we couldn't say no. The chef decides what he will fill the platter with and what he puts on the platter is what you'll get. Fried grouper, crab balls, shrimp, ribs, fries, potato salad, oysters. We thought we could eat the entire platter. We were so wrong. Oh and a huge basket of hush puppies" The best ever". Within 10 mins we were unbuttoning our pants and breathing hard. I have to say I was WOWED by this food. The best food I have ever eaten in my life.. True soul food. It took us 1 1/2 hrs to make it home because I was too full to push the gas pedal. I will be going back next Friday night with friends and family and if you've never been, you're missing out on an Amazing experience and awesome food. No complaints at all. We love you Chef Jerome. Oh and the carpet must be for when you fall out of the door from being so full you'll have somewhere soft to land. Simply Amazing !!!!

Angie Morris

Okay, this was by far my most complete and satisfying dining out experience ever. From the first "Welcome family!" spoken by Chef Jerome to the hot, delicious hush puppies, to the incredibly delicious Wheelchair Platter of everything seafood and more, you can't beat an experience like this. If The Old School Diner was located in downtown Savannah, Chef Jerome would have his own TV show. Thanks for making me feel at home Chef Jerome.

I will be back...…Often!

Dear Chef Jerome, My buddies and I were in your spot last Man I have been eating in places all over the world and I must say your place was truly a dining pleasure. Our friends father in law Jessie brought us there to check it out. Wishing you continued success and blessings. Anyime I am close by, you can bet you bottom dollar I'll be coming through. 


Email  Sent in:

Feb 16th

Truly The Worlds Best Kept Secret!!! Best seafood ever...We love you Chef and Ms. Mary

Scarlett Brown

Feb 17th

 Dear Chef Jerome,

Thank you and your staff for making my parents anniversary a GREAT one!!  To anyone that has never been to this little gem, hidden in the deep south....YOU MUST TRY THIS PLACE OUT!! I guarantee you will be back! 

Don't let the décor fool you, this place is awesome and Chef Jerome and his staff will make it a very enjoyable experience. We had 9 people in our party and ordered the wheel chair platters, believe me you will not leave there hungry and you will be taking some home with you. OH, and if you can possibly fit anymore in your stomach, you have to try Chef Jerome's Cheescake OMG!!

Thanks Again Chef Jerome!!!!!

Lorie Odom

Guyton, Georgia

Jan 5

Dear Chef Jerome,

We just left your restaurant and can't stop talking (and sighing) about howdelicious it was and already planning our next time down.  We had planned on eating fried shrimp but decided on trying the wheelchair platter after our waitress Mary highly recommended it.  We are so glad we did!!  It was anabundance of food and everything was so fresh and cooked to perfection.  We loved meeting you and getting to visit for awhile.  We will definitely beback to see you soon.   You shouldn't have brought out that fresh strawberry cheesecake to tempt me after I was so stuffed.  Now all I can think about is how good that looked and wish I would've had room to try it.  I will definitely recommend you and the Old School Diner to all my friends and family.

David and Chris Griffith  of Sandersville, GA


Dear Chef Jerome, we love your place so much if I can afford to eat there everyday you open I would it's the best food ever and very fullfilling. Your staff is very charming and heart warming the atmosphere is just like right at home, we bought my mom here in October for her birthday and she hasn't stopped talking about you yet, you made her day when you gave her that soft crab that you just fried for yourself. She loves them we'll see you soon we're gonna sneak down by ourselves.. and come and eat with you very soon !




Dear Chef Jerome,                                 

First of all I can say is you are awesome and so is Mrs. Brown. Thank you for hooking us up once againwith a fantastic meal. No one can hold a candle to your cooking it is thatgreat. Oh that flounder was bigger than the huge plate and the ribs justfall off the bones. Fan Tail shrimp cooked to prefection then throw in somefried orysters along with the best tasting hush puppies ever. A meal fit fora King!   Then the peanut butter cheese cake is sinfully good and thatstrawberry lime cake. My mouth is watering . Seriously the best food in allof Georgia. Your waitress Caroline know her stuff. We will be back soon andI sure hope she will be working. Thanks again for the best meal(S) we haveever ate! Take care and God bless you.


From TripAdvisor

April 10


Reviewed April 9

When my husband and I knew we'd be staying in the Darien area for our 40th anniversity,we started checking out all the available resturants for our celebration. We had spent the day in the HARRIS NECK REFUGE, and planned on just riding by OLD SCHOOL DINER to check it out,and,maybe, come back for a later visit.As soon as we drove in and saw the place we were HOOKED! And when Chef Jerome came outside to welcome "the family",we said "Lets go for it.." All thoughts of eating in a "fancy"resturant went out the window.Funky,Quirky-call it what you will.It was the best food,and the kindest staff we've ever encountered.Our Shrimp creole would rival anything in New Orleans, and the hushpuppies were the best we've EVER had. Our waitress ,Mary, was so attentive,and the ETTA JAMES CD that Chef put on just topped off our evening.We liked it SO much that we went back a second night-with the same great results. This time I had fried shrimp and awesome Mac and Cheese.Chef Jerome, his lovely wife,'Retta and his great staff deserve a standing ovation-or two.

March 9

From Becky and  Jason

Dear Chef Jerome, me and Becky had a great time last night and the food was the best seafood I have eaten yet! Thanks for the over the top hospitality! Enjoyed looking at all the pictures and being social with all the guests. We will surely be back and we will certainly spread the word!! see you again real soon!!

From our Facebook page Feb 16

Me and my friends and family had a blast last night, thank you so much for your hospitality and the food was amazing! We had 4 birthday people and Chef Jerome and his staff made sure we were cozy and warm in the fireplace room~ Sharon and Friends

Laurie Beatty Feb 16

Just had fried cat fish for lunch, wow!! super good. Hushpuppies and slaw are very, very good. Interesting place, 2nd time to go.

Jeff Ricketson Feb 8

We certainly enjoyed our visit to the Old School Diner tonight! Love the "family" atmosphere! Keep up the great service

December 18th

Dear Chef Jerome,
OM Lordy I've never seen such a platter of good ole southern grub vittles soul food!!! Can't wait to stop in  And share some cheer and great food! Movin to pine harbor C Ya soon Chef Jerome -) Suzi & Dr Bob

September 9

Dear Chef Jerome,
I visited your restaurant on Saturday, September 7 with three of my coworkers and I am proud to tell you that that was the best seafood dinner I have had since I have been in Georgia for the past six years. I always bragged about the seafood in Alabama, that is where I am from until I came to The Old School Diner. I will be glad to let everyone I know that they must go and visit your diner soon. 

Your New Loyal Fan,

I will be back this month with my husband to celebrate our late anniversary.

May 2

Dear Chef Jerome,

Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our visit this past weekend. The atmosphere was so relaxing and unique. The plentiful Wheelchair platter was the best. Thank you for the personal welcome, it made us feel at home. We
will be back again real soon.

John And Lynda

I have visited the Old School Diner it was the dining experience of dining experiences. Chef Jerome is real. I admit that at first glance I looked at the party I was with and said There is no way I am going in that place and you guys are talking about eating there. And much to my surprise the experience was amazing as was the food and the atmosphere. I agree just "trust your chef." I have talked about the Old school Diner to friends and family. I have never been to a place where though I am quite sure busy the chef comes out to personally take pictures with and greet the customers or "family" as Chef Jerome says. Chef Jerome is truly an inspiration too those who he has shared his story.

Sandra Gant

"Some meals on vacation are hard to remember, but Chef Jerome your's is hard to forget!!"

We visited for the first time last night for a birthday dinner for my sister who recently lost her husband.  I can't even describe the food or the experience.  I don't know whether to tell everybody or try to keep you to myself!  You are by far the best kept secret ever!


May 9 th

Dear Chef Jerome,

My buddies and I were in your spot last Thursday May 5th. Man I have been eating in places all over the world and I must say your place was truly a dining pleasure.  Our friends father in law Jessie brought us there to check it out. Wishing you continued success and blessings.  Anyime I am close by, you can bet you bottom dollar I'll be coming through.


July 22

Dear Chef Jerome,
It was a bit of a challenge for us to find your place but the meal made all the effort more than worthwhile. The dining experience was great and we loved it. We're recommending as many people as we can who visit the area to stop by. 

Thanks again!

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